A SchoolTalk JumpStart participant inventories program tablets as part of their summer work experience.

JumpStart FAQs for Youth & Families

How can I learn more about JumpStart?

Contact your school’s RSA counselor and ask them how JumpStart can support you this summer.

Who is eligible for JumpStart?

To be eligible for JumpStart services, youth must meet ALL of the following:

  • Completed MBSYEP application by March 6, 2024
  • Have an IEP or 504 AND are RSA Pre-ETS eligible by March 23, 2024
  • An RSA counselor or school-based staff submits a JumpStart referral by March 23, 2024
  • Enrolled in high school through the end of the current school year
  • Benefit from & interested in MBSYEP preparation & support
  • On the IEP certificate track

How do I become eligible for JumpStart?

If you are a high school student on the IEP certificate pathway, follow these five steps:

  1. Complete the MBSYEP application and set up a youth portal as soon as possible (no later than March 6, 2024)
  2. Confirm Pre-ETS eligibility by submitting the appropriate documentation to RSA (no later than March 23, 2024).
  3. Work with your RSA counselor or special education case manager to submit a JumpStart referral to SchoolTalk (no later than March 23, 2024).
  4. Attend an MBSYEP certification event to submit any MBSYEP I-9 documentation (no later than March 23, 2024)
  5. Continue to learn about MBSYEP and JumpStart by staying in contact with your RSA counselor and SchoolTalk staff.

JumpStart slots are limited. Not all eligible youth will be able to be accepted. Start these steps as soon as possible. Acceptance and waiting lists will be posted in May 2024.

How does JumpStart work?

Three organizations support JumpStart:

  • The D.C. Department of Employment Services (DOES) pays youth through the Mayor Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program MBSYEP.
  • The D.C. Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) funds JumpStart services through their Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS).
  • SchoolTalk runs JumpStart and coordinates supports and services.

Who can I ask for help?

DOES, RSA, SchoolTalk, and your school’s special education staff are available to help you find the right fit for you MBSYEP experience (JumpStart or not). Find help using the resources below:

  • Questions or Support for the MBSYEP Application
    Email the MBSYEP office at [email protected]) or MBSYEP’s youth advocate, Shirley Nelson at [email protected].
  • Questions or Support with RSA Pre-ETS Required Documentation
    Contact your IEP case manager or the special education office at your school. Ask them to connect you to RSA. Completing this documentation will give you access to all District-wide Pre-ETS services, including JumpStart.
  • Questions about or support getting referred to RSA Pre-ETS services
    Contact your RSA counselor or email the RSA Pre-ETS project manager, Tikeya Milburn at [email protected].
  • Questions about JumpStart
    Contact us at SchoolTalk at [email protected].

What other tips do you have for me?

  • Maintain consistent communication.
    Check your emails for updates from DOES, RSA, and/or SchoolTalk.
  • Start the process early.
    JumpStart slots are limited. Not all eligible youth will be accepted. The earlier youth become eligible, the higher their chances of participating.
  • Keep your options open.
    Completing all eligibility steps does not commit you to JumpStart but it does prevent you from losing the opportunity. Missing a deadline will make you ineligible for JumpStart. Take the steps above as soon as possible to keep your options open. You can explore other opportunities while you wait for your acceptance.

Where can I find MBSYEP & JumpStart resources?